Link Partner Evaluation

In the world of online PR, you will have opportunities to exchange links with other companies. Backlinks from other Web sites are extremely valuable and are seen as 3rd party endorsements. You can take the initiative in requesting a link or may be asked. Although 1 way links are most valuable as 3rd party endorsements, link exchanges can be valuable if they make sense from a business perspective. The partner evaluation provides you with criteria to make a decision about participating in either a 1 or 2 way link exchange.

Partner Criteria Description
Does the site have a Google Page Rank of 3 or higher? Install the Google Toolbar to see Page Rank for each web page.

Perform a quck visual inspection.

Does the site look well developed? Or just a quick stock template creation?

Is this an established company with a meaningful web presence?

Or is it a quick sale operation with a short term outlook?

Is the site current? Does it have content dated within the last month, 6 months, year?

Look at the dates on the terms of use, blog,  press release, testimonials, etc.

If the last blog entry or press release is 5 years old, that might be questionable.

Is this a free listing?

The free listing details may be in the "small print".

Often the paid listing is the prominent call to action. Search for what is offered in the free account.

Contact: Is there a phone #? Is contact information easy to fine? Are names, phone numbers, addresses readily available?  Hidden? Non-existent?
Contact: Is there a form or mailto? Not everyone lists a phone number, but at least there should be an email address.
Search: [ keyword phrase] - Based on results, are companies listed in our industry category?  
Search: [ keyword phrase] - Based on results, are high profile businesses listed?  
Are multiple businesses in our industry listed?