Facilities Technology Group is a company entirely focused on making hospitals safe. They offer a suite of tools and technologies that serve facilities managers in the healthcare industry. They are currently repositioning those products and have gone through a Web site redesign.
After having gone through a full Conversion analysis with Conversion Sciences, Aviso was brought in to manage the implementation of recommendations. Initial Search optimization was performed. Aviso provided both the mobile and non-mobile design and managed the development process.
Executive Intelligent Coaching is an Austin based company that provides executive coaching and leadership training programs. Nancy Schill is her own brand and was interested in both Search and online Conversion.
Aviso was brought in to provide SEO consulting services and to ensure that Conversion recommendations were implemented to specification. Nancy has remained an ongoing client, constantly working to improve her online presence.
Atchley & Associates, LLP is a full-service, public accounting firm offering attestation, tax, business consulting, accounting services, political campaign reporting and litigation support services. Aviso was introduced to the project to perform a Web site review.
Lockart Atchley was not looking to invest in a full redesign of the Web site. Aviso delivered recommendations to improve Search for the current Web site by working within the technical framework of how the current Web site was built.
EBWebistes provides Web Project Management services to companies. The owner, Ellie Brady, approached Aviso to provide consulting services in development of the site related to SEO as well as keyword research.
Aviso provided consulting services throughout development of the project.
Caroline Cutbirth represents her own brand in country music. The Web site was just being built and she requested a basic Search optimization set of services.
Aviso provided consulting throughout the development process to build an SEO friendly framework, additionally providing basic keyword research and implemented strategic metatags on every page of the Web site.
DSI Learning offers a style of learning they call "Blended Learning." They take the approach of 1-on-1, online and traditional learning, offering a central community where collaboration is possible. DSI approached Aviso to find Drupal development resources to build out that functionality. Their founder built the site but needed consulting and development resources to finish the core functionality.
Aviso hired Drupal developers and managed the project ensuring that all functionality was built to specification. Drupal consulting services were key in making the project successful.
Dave Holston, principal at The Strategic Designer, provides design consulting services in the areas of public affairs, marketing, advertising, communication planning and design management. Aviso was introduced into the Web site design project to provide keyword research.
The trigger for keyword research was related to an upcoming book launch. The owner included keyword research and the crafting of strategic metatags to his online marketing strategy.
Secure Wills was built by a practicing estate attorney with the goal of building a profitable and SEO friendly Web site that would convert visitors to customers.
Aviso introduced Conversion and on-page optimization to the Web site redesign project, managing the project from start to finish. All recommendations were successfuly implemented.
Clikserv was on the verge of launching their product to the public. They had a pilot program running with a California newspaper and were seeking to understand their target audience.
Through a series of interviews, Aviso helped to identify the motivations and triggers that spurred their target audience to take action. Clikserv's founder and visionary adopted this model in his own strategy, identifying the need for his own customers to understand their own target audience better.
Christianson was interested in updating the Web site without doing a full redesign. Their focus was on Search.
Working collaboratively with the company owner to understand the goals of the Web site, Aviso provided a Web site analysis and a Conversion review, making recommendations that were implemented on the updated site.