SEO Coaching

An SEO Coach acts as your personal representative to:

  1. Identify business goals
  2. Analyze Web site architecture to determine if there are obstacles to being viewed optimally by both users and Search Engines
  3. Recommend an implementation plan to resolve issues
  4. Define an online marketing strategy plan to move business goals forward
  5. Implement and measure online campaigns by collaborating with a team of professionals who understand your business goals and budget

Meet Our SEO Coaching Team

Rose Gardea Holston - Aviso SEO Coaching

Rose Gardea Holston, owner, SEO Coach and Implementation Manager at Aviso Communications, offers a flavor of Search Engine Marketing services called Agile Marketing.

Driven to teach clients how to identify online marketing strategies that are cost effective and measurable, Rose and her team act as Web strategy and implementation managers that work with clients to identify, implement and measure online marketing strategies that increase Search Engine traffic and convert qualified traffic into revenue.

A native of El Paso, Texas, Rose earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. With over 19 years of experience in IT, specifically database technology, as well as 7 years implementing and managing SEO and online marketing campaigns, Rose is a SEMPO member and Certified Scrum Master.

Certified Scrum Master

SEMPO Individual Member

Cynthia Orie

Cynthia Orie is the primary Online Marketing Researcher and an SEO Coach at Aviso Communications. Cynthia’s role is to support the Web site review and Implementation Management Processes from the perspective of Search engines and visitors. Cynthia works with internal and client teams to brainstorm solutions and to continue to monitor their progress.

With a background in education, music and technology, Cynthia uses a mix of analytical and creative problem solving techniques to identify the root cause of behaviors often found due to:


  • Search engine algorithm changes
  • Misrepresented online PR
  • Unique industry specific keyword research needs
  • Growing Section 508 requirements
  • Complex environments built to suit client and business needs

A native of Illinois, Cynthia earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Dubuque and completed graduate coursework in Special Education at Illinois State University. 

She taught music education in the Illinois public school system, directed children’s choirs, and taught private piano lessons to students of all ages. Later she moved to Dallas, Texas and studied computer technology at SMU’s Advanced Computer Education Center receiving certifications in Networking Technologies and the Microsoft and Oracle Database Administration Programs.  Cynthia worked as an administrator of database management systems in Dallas and Austin before joining Aviso Communications.   While at Aviso, she completed coursework in Search Marketing with the SEMPO Institute and is an individual member of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).

Fundamentals Certification Medallion



SEMPO Institute Certificate




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