Heliovaas believes alternative forms of energy need to be accessible if they are to make a positive impact on our communities and environment. That’s why we provide full service PPA solutions, including financing and maintenance, to ensure those who want to benefit from PV solar energy production can. Utilizing extensive project management experience, we oversee all aspects of the development and operation of our solar stations, which allows property owners to focus on the things that are important to them. In addition, we partner with established, reputable local businesses to maximize project potential, generating new jobs and boosting the local economy.

Our core services for PPA clients include:


When developers, EPC's, integrators, and other organizations have development projects in need of capital, Heliovaas can help. We work very closely with our established a network of experienced, reputable private equity investors interested in financing solar projects. Together, we create mutually beneficial joint ventures that provide clients with access to the private-equity and tax-equity capital they need.



Heliovaas can also offer assistance to organizations involved and interested in the solar industry. Our principals have provided advisory services to corporations and local governments for several renewable energy projects, and are eager to share their insights on energy planning, financial analysis, and market investigation with our clients.